EPS Carbon Black

Carbon Black

EPS Carbon Black complies with ASTM Standard – ASTM D3053 (rCB- recovered Carbon Black)

Pyrolysis is used to extract commercial grade Carbon Black from end of life tyres. Recovered Carbon Black (rCB) is one of the main products of Eco Power SynergyAfter processing, the resulting rCB can be used to substitute traditional carbon blacks in many applications. Carbon black produced by pyrolysis application (rCB) is more price efficient compared to carbon black produced from petroleum.

Carbon Black products are widely used as raw material in various industries and it enhances the strength, endurance and coloring feature of the final products. Carbon black serves as a basic material for many industry sectors – for the production of dyes, tires, rubber, as well as plastic. This makes carbon black an important commodity for which demand is steadily increasing: experts are predicting an annual market growth of at least 4%.

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