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Pyrolysis Oil , Tyre Oil

EPS Pyrolysis Oil can be further refined or processed to make: 

a. Fuel oil to provide energy to industrial equipment such as furnace and boiler. 
b. Diesel for diesel-engine automotive. 
c. Organic chemical such as Styrene, Toluene and cyclohexene.

Pyrolysis Gas

The pyrolysis gas produced during the process contains high heating value which can be recycled & utilized as a fuel to provide energy to the pyrolysis process. This is part of our contribution in conserving natural resources by reducing our production energy consumption.

Steel Wire

Steel wire can be recycled by smelting plant to produce new steel products.

Carbon Black

EPS Carbon Black complies with ASTM Standard – ASTM D3053 (rCB- recovered Carbon Black)

Carbon Black products are widely used as raw material in various industries and it enhances the strength, endurance and coloring feature of the final products. Carbon black serves as a basic material for many industry sectors – for the production of dyes, tires, rubber, as well as plastic. This makes carbon black an important commodity for which demand is steadily increasing: experts are predicting an annual market growth of at least 4%.

Application of rCB used in rubber industry


Our rCB has medium-reinforcing properties in the range of N600 – N700. It can use as substitute in rubber goods which require medium reinforcement such as tire inner liner tire carcass tire sidewall O-ring hose footwear and so on. 

Plastic Industry

Due to rCB’s ability of absorbing UV light, it is used to provide UV-protection to plastics. Examples are wire and cable jacket, automotive plastic parts and plastics tubes.

Pigment & Coating

rCB has high jetness, tinting strength and good dispersibility which makes it a suitable pigment for making ink, paint and coating.

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